Dimmable LED wall lights with minimalist design.

Choose your handmade LED wall light with a perfect ring of light as an eye-catcher for your home from three trendy natural materials such as wood, stone and alpine hay.

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LED wall lamp made of stone ALMUT von Wildheim

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Your wall lamps made from natural materials.

Nature meets state-of-the-art LED technology.

The dimmable LED wall lamp from ALMUT convinces not only with a perfect ring of light due to the latest LED technology, but especially as an eye-catcher in modern interiors.

Indirect, planar light provides an extraordinary, glare-free lighting effect and the familiar natural materials create a pleasant room atmosphere.

  • Highest LED quality made by planned light
  • perfect light wreath
  • indirect and planar light
  • glare-free

Handmade LED wall lamp in minimalist design is particularly characterized by durability and energy efficiency.

Inspired by the Tyrolean mountains, high-quality natural materials are also used in design line 6134, such as stone and alpine meadow flowers as decorative inlays and natural birch wood as a wall light element.

  • Made by hand
  • untreated birch wood disc
  • high quality natural materials as decorative inlay

Not just an eye-catcher, but sustainable through and through!
Our aim is to harmonize timeless design made from natural materials and the latest technology with a modern, nature-loving lifestyle.
Our LED wall lights stand for regional production, short transportation routes, sustainable packaging, climate-neutral shipping, use of local materials, durability and energy efficiency.

Both the decorative discs made of natural materials, as well as the complete LED wall lamp are manufactured in the Tyrolean Alps.

The wooden panels come from the sheltered workshop just 200 meters away and the luminaire itself is produced in-house. This allows us to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum and thus not only conserve resources, but also protect the environment.

It takes time to create an ALMUT from natural materials. Many steps are done by hand. This is the only way to retain 100% of the natural properties of the materials - you can see, feel and smell it.

We set out to reinterpret a trivial everyday product. We deliberately design our luminaires to be simple and reduced in order to focus attention on the pure aesthetics of the natural materials.

With the Plug&Play cable, each LED wall light can also be connected directly to a socket and can be put into operation immediately. A cable exit from the wall is not necessary, thus ensuring maximum flexibility.
The cable itself is sheathed in natural fibers and underlines the natural luminaire design.

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Luminaires made locallyby hand from regional, natural materials and recycled and recyclable packaging.

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