Design luminaires made of natural materials.

A luminaire that adapts and that is exactly why it does not fit into any scheme: Not only design piece, but character head. The Tyrolean label 'ALMUT von Wildheim' shows with its stylish Design line 1411how a luminaire becomes an individual unique specimen.

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Design lamp made of wood by ALMUT von Wildheim

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Choose your own style.

The 1411 design line focuses on the greatest possible individuality. Here, the luminaire is not only a design piece, but also reflects your own style. The luminaires are unique thanks to interchangeable lampshades: both the shape and the material can be freely selected and can be combined with your home in the most diverse ways.

No more of the same old, same old.
ALMUT wants to emphasise, celebrate and promote individuality. And because your own style is always changing and new trends provide inspiration, ALMUT's outfit can also be easily changed. Choose your trendy natural material and design for your personal unique luminaire.
The mix & match of the 1411 line is successful because the basis is simple: the design of the luminaires is reduced, restrained and clear.

Lampshades made from natural materials.

ALMUT would not be ALMUT without the unconditional love for natural materials. All lampshades are made from natural materials: Hay, wood, stone veneer, cork or flowers - even the cables are made of natural fibre.
But it is not only the lampshades that are made exclusively of natural materials; the lamp stand and suspension are also made of fine oak wood.

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Luminaires made locallyby hand from regional, natural materials and recycled and recyclable packaging.

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Designing Sustainable Value.

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Sustainable packaging and climate-neutral shipping.

Packaging remains packaging. Luminaires made of natural materials require packaging that corresponds to our philosophy. ALMUT von Wildheim stands for closeness to nature, home, regional added value and natural materials. That is why we not only...

SERVUS TV at ALMUT von Wildheim

Mowed by hand with a scythe. Dried and pressed. Then, with a lot of manual work and in a long process, the alpine hay becomes a lampshade.

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