We are pleased that you are interested in the luminaires made of natural materials from ALMUT von Wildheim . So that you can clear up any remaining doubts and clarify open questions about the purchase, the products and the order, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Product & Material

Yes, of course! As these are indeed natural materials such as pure hay, stone, cork, wood, pineapple or jute fibres, flowers etc. they also feel real. But this also means that the wood grains, every single hay plant, blossom & co. actually feel and even smell as you would expect them to. This is why ALMUT can be called a multi-sensorial light - and you can feel, smell and see that.

We pay attention to sustainability along the entire value-added chain, which is the focus of all our efforts.

We only use natural and authentic raw materials, and we make sure that transport routes in the region are as short as possible. Our partner manufactory from Tyrol pays attention to ecological and sustainable production. This begins with the supply of the company with 100% green electricity and ends with the binding agents, which are free of plasticizers and solvents and are therefore even suitable for food contact.

For the woodworking and processing we have consciously chosen local suppliers and local wood such as stone pine, oak or walnut, in order to promote traditional craftsmanship with modern technology.

We only use recycled paper for packaging. Nothing else. Even the packing tape is made of paper and we use natural rubber as glue.

Our lamps are not artificially unique. They are unique right from the start - a one-off - because the wood grain, grasses etc. are unique. Despite the uniqueness, however, the quality of the lights is maintained because the production process is uniformly designed.

Because it works and because it is nature that gives the lights their unique character.

Our idea is to produce lamps that fit our lifestyle and the ambience of our home. What could be better than having a piece of nature within your own four walls that you enjoy every day?

We prove that luminaires made of natural materials are not a contradiction in terms, but represent our core service. We put this core performance promise into practice to the best of our knowledge and belief, thus creating a particularly natural atmosphere for your own home. By using natural materials, we also want to make a statement about fast-moving, cheap products that show no consideration for nature and people.

We carefully select our suppliers of natural raw materials and work together with local partner companies from Tyrol, South Tyrol and Germany. Through this direct and conscientious coordination and selection of the natural raw materials we can guarantee that we produce and distribute a piece of home.

Organoid materials breathe - they swell and shrink with changes in humidity. This makes it quite natural, although very rare, for individual stems or other individual parts such as flowers to detach from the surface. The material is alive and the colours naturally change somewhat over time. However, we deliberately do not want to artificially stop this process. It should be noted that some surfaces, especially those that contain chlorophyll, are subject to a natural ageing process such as that caused by UV light and this has an effect on the colouring.

Scope of application
The luminaires are designed exclusively for indoor use. But one thing is guaranteed: with the lights you bring a piece of nature into your home.

The luminaires should be protected from prolonged moisture and should not be used directly in bathrooms or steam baths with high humidity, wide temperature fluctuations or high rates of humidity change. This can prevent premature aging due to swelling and shrinkage of fibres and wood or scenting of the lampshades.

Wood is in itself very robust and known for its durability. However, since some of our luminaires contain filigree wood components, you should be consciously careful with the luminaires.

Hay as a lampshade material offers, in addition to its natural scent, a unique light design and the lamp sets your rooms naturally in scene even when switched off. As these are pure hay plants, they are delicate - breaking individual stalks or testing their strength by repeatedly poking with your fingertip should be avoided as far as possible. But that goes without saying. With careful handling you will enjoy the light for a very long time.

The lights are designed to be extremely functional in addition to their natural design. This means that the installation as well as the handling is very easy and not more difficult than the installation of other lights. Each light is also supplied with instructions describing the individual steps for installation, so that nothing can go wrong. It is important to handle the materials carefully and to follow the individual steps according to the instructions.

It is usually sufficient to remove dust from the luminaires with a feather duster. Our luminaires are antistatic and do not attract dust in the first place. Abrasive cleaning agents such as scouring powder, soaps, solvents and other chemicals should be avoided!

We had the main allergen carriers tested (eco-luftqualität + Raumklima GmbH, Cologne) for the luminaires with lampshades made of hay or hay with flowers (Almwiese) and found no emissions of allergens.


If you do not have the opportunity to personally inspect the lamp in one of our partner stores, we will be happy to send you a sample of the material. Just send us an e-mail to almut@vonwildheim.com.


We guarantee you a secure payment using SSL encryption. In our online shop you can choose from the following payment methods: Invoice with prepayment, immediate transfer, PayPal or credit card (VISA, MasterCard and American Express).

Shipping & Delivery

All B2C deliveries with our logistics partner GLS are free of charge within the EU and Switzerland. free of shipping costs!

In the case of cross-border delivery outside the EU, you may be subject to additional taxes (e.g. in the case of an intra-Community purchase) and/or duties (e.g. customs duties), which are not payable to us as the seller, but to the customs or tax authority responsible there.

The Incoterm "free domicile" (CPT) shall apply, unless otherwise agreed.

Our shipping partner is GLS. As soon as your order is ready for dispatch, you will receive a tracking link so that you always know exactly where your parcel is.

You are welcome to order your goods by appointment (+436505205262 / almut@vonwildheim.com) in person at our showroom in Vomp in person.


You have the right, should you be unhappy with your newly purchased product for any reason, to return it within 14 days of receipt of the products, in accordance with the provisions of this section. You can find all detailed information in our Cancellation policy.

You are also welcome to return your ordered goods to us in person in Vomp in Tyrol by prior arrangement (Ulrich Huber: +436505205262 / ulrich@vonwildheim.com).

Exceptions are made for custom-made products that differ from the standard range.

All returned articles are checked by us. Purchased products must not show any traces of use. A return will be refused if:

  • traces of use are visible.
  • The product is damaged during transport.
  • If the product is lost during the return transport, no costs will be refunded. We recommend to send the product with a provider who offers Track & Trace. In this case the parcel service provider is responsible for the reimbursement of costs.

Facts & figures

  • Company headquarters: CLUSTA.Lamps GmbH, Au 25, 6134 Vomp, Austria
  • Year of foundation: 2017
  • Company owners: Stefanie Graber, Ulrich Huber, Planlicht GmbH

For people who value exceptional interiors, we offer handmade lamps made of natural materials in a straightforward design that creates a special atmosphere.

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