Handmade Wooden lamps in Scandinavian design.

Discover your sustainable wooden lamp made of oak, walnut or stone pine in trendy pastel colors and natural tones of the design line 0239.

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Scandinavian living feeling, designed in Tyrol.

Minimalist, made of finely grained domestic wood and in trendy pastel colours on request: That is the 0239 design line.

  • Eyecatcher in your home
  • sustainable woods like stone pine, oak, walnut
  • trendy natural tones and trendy pastel colors
  • from 100% domestic woods
  • sustainably packaged
  • easy assembly

ALMUT von Wildheim has won the Wooden Design Award 2022 from BIG SEE - where life is creativity - for the design line 0239.

Trendy wasabi green and strong oak wood. Delicate pastel blue and pure stone pine. Discreet rosé and noble walnut wood. This ALMUT can be put together individually. Nature itself ensures that each lamp has its own pattern through grain and knots.

Tradition & craftsmanship are close to our hearts.
It takes time to create an ALMUT from natural materials. Many steps are handwork, because only in this way the essential properties of the woods are preserved.
So that you can enjoy your ALMUT for a long time.

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Locally produced luminaires made from regional, natural materials and recycled and recyclable packaging.

Sustainability Nature Lights from ALMUT von Wildheim Icons 35px

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Mowed by hand with a scythe. Dried and pressed. Then, with a lot of manual work and in a long process, the alpine hay becomes a lampshade.

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