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Your natural roommate.
My home is the mountains and today I'm going to tell you what prompted me to create a new series of lamps made from pure new wool.

Good design can be recognized by the fact that it can make our lives better. But although it is often misused as an empty phrase, it applies more unconditionally to our new design line than to almost any other luminaire series.

To illustrate this, I will spiritually transport you to the Tyrolean Alps - my open space for inspiration and design. 

Tyrolean Home Mountains ALMUT von Wildheim ©Roman_Huber









I always try to put function into a cultural context, which is probably why I have a very short-sighted horizon that often only extends as far as the next mighty mountain peak. I, ALMUT, make a virtue of this narrow-mindedness. I use purely local, hand-crafted materials. In this case, specifically "wick wool", which is used as the central design element.

The new wool grows practically on my doorstep and comes from Tyrolean mountain and stone sheep, which live on the high pastures of the Ötztal. These sheep not only contribute to the preservation of our beautiful alpine cultural landscape, but also provide the high-quality natural fiber, which is known for its exceptional robustness and durability.

ALMUT Wool from Stone Sheep Mountain Sheep Design Lights

The wool is processed on the valley floor - in keeping with traditional craftsmanship - at over 1,000 m above sea level. The special feature of wool is its fiber structure. With its fascinating properties, it ensures a greater sense of well-being and comfort within your own four walls. This is achieved on the one hand through improved room acoustics due to its sound-absorbing effect and on the other hand through better indoor air quality. The high bio-reactivity of wool makes it possible to bind and neutralize odours and pollutants such as formaldehyde from the air.

Wool is also naturally flame-retardant and extremely allergy-friendly, making it a safe and pleasant material for use in living spaces.

I hope you enjoyed the short mental trip and that I was able to convince you with the wool lamp series that it can actually make our lives better. Or was I exaggerating?


Summary of the special features of wool lamps: 

  • 100% natural fiber from Tyrol
  • sound-absorbing effect
  • Filters the room air
  • flame retardant
  • allergy friendly
  • from traditional craftsmanship
  • Supporting the Alpine cultural landscape
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