Natural materials, precisely processed into high-quality design luminaires.
That is ALMUT von Wildheim.

We are at home in Tyrol.

In nature, no mountain is like any other. Each is unmistakable
in its form and character. This thought characterizes ALMUT.
We are at home in Tyrol and connected to the mountains. They are the inspiration for our design. That's why we build lamps that bring nature into your own four walls.

The creative minds behind ALMUT von Wildheim are us two Tyroleans, Stefanie Graber & Ulrich Huber. The idea of bringing nature home is what inspired us to create ALMUT and with our luminaire designs we put its function into a cultural context.
Thus we see design as a tool to change society. To change in a sustainable way. Sustainability was and is not a trend for us. It is simply the basis for our social interaction.

It takes time to turn natural materials into ALMUT. Many steps are handmade: only in this way can the essential properties be retained. And it is the only way to guarantee precise processing in accordance with our strict quality standards.

Sustainable luminaires and lampshades.

On the steep Tyrolean mountain meadows grows what makes our lights so special: pure hay.

Discover our 6 sustainable design lines now.

All our Desgin lines are made of natural materials that are precisely processed by hand. This is the only way to preserve the natural properties - and you can see, feel and smell it.

These pendant lamps combine simple aesthetics and warm cosiness. The lampshades are handmade entirely from naturally renewable merino wool without chemical additives.

What grows on the steep mountain meadows in Tyrol is what makes the 2610 design line extraordinary: pure hay. This mountain hay and local wood are used to create a light where you can see, feel and smell nature.

This natural beauty made of pure alpine hay has the latest dimmable LED technology. Clear shapes, precise workmanship and easy handling are the simple advantages of the straightforward design.

The 1411 natural luminaires are not only a design piece, but also reflect your own lifestyle. Close to nature, down-to-earth. Both form and material can be combined in the most diverse ways.

The black colour accents of the straight-lined luminaire design really bring out the natural material "alpine hay" and harmonise perfectly with a modern living style.

Scandinavian lifestyledesigned in Tyrol. Minimalist, made of finely grained local wood in combination with trendy pastel shades.

ALLTAG for Future.

The book "Alltag for Future" by ff publishers gives - with sustainable products from the categories furnishing, technology, fashion and jewellery, working world, leisure and locomotion - a comprehensive introduction to...

Designing Sustainable Value.

Long-lasting luminaires. ALMUT stands for durability and the right to repair. About the luminaires. Recycling is a solution to recover the resources of a product. But why recycle a product and thus...

Sustainable packaging and climate-neutral shipping.

Packaging remains packaging. Luminaires made of natural materials require packaging that corresponds to our philosophy. ALMUT von Wildheim stands for closeness to nature, home, regional added value and natural materials. That is why we not only...

SERVUS TV at ALMUT von Wildheim

Mowed by hand with a scythe. Dried and pressed. Then, with a lot of manual work and in a long process, the alpine hay becomes a lampshade.

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