Everyday life for future ALMUT von Wildheim

The book "Everyday Life for Future" by ff publishers gives - with sustainable products from the categories of furnishings, technology, fashion and jewellery, the world of work, leisure and locomotion - a comprehensive introduction to an enriching, sustainable life. And ALMUT von Wildheim is part of it.

In this 200-page volume you will find 90 innovative objects that show how diverse sustainability can be in everyday life.

The day starts with getting up, looking at the sustainable clock, switching on our bedside lamp from the 1411 design line and brushing our teeth with the brush made from recycled materials. With circular clothing on your body and the eco-friendly smartphone in your pocket, you head to the office on a 3D-printed bike. "Alltag for Future" accompanies you through the working day, the household and after work and presents sustainable sports and leisure products. After environmentally conscious activities and dinner from a recycled pan, the day ends in a climate-neutral bed.

Here you can buy your personal copy for a sustainable lifestyle:

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